Pillar Of Strength

  • 1.

    Our primary focus is the customer. You are our most prized asset and we make it our mission to do whatever we can to give you 10 times the value of what you pay. We love chatting with each and everyone who comes into our little tea shop and answer all their queries. Even if you don’t buy anything that day, you surely won’t return without some knowledge or know how of teas! If you are buying our tea online and have a doubt, please feel free to call us as we would be more than happy to get to know about your tea likes and dislikes, or answer any of your queries.

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    Our aim is to provide knowledge and experience apart from a good quality product. For some people experience is the delightful conversation you can have with us about teas, while for some it is the fun involved in making their own blend. We also try our best to make impart some knowledge to you on every visit!

  • 3.

    Believe us when we say that hours and days are spent on perfecting every product because Mittals don’t compromise on the quality. A significant number of samples are tasted and tried before selection by our very own expert Mr.Vikram Mittal who has a whooping experience of about 30 years!

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    Value for Money

    Our products start from as low as a dollar. We are an elite brand because of the good products, not because of a “good price”.

    Hence, we also love to cater to all your requests of special blends or special gift boxes! After all, customisation and customer do share a common root word! We understand how happy you feel when a product is tailor made according to your whims and fancies and your satisfaction is indeed our priority numero uno!