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Top 4 Meaningful Gifts for your Sibling

Wearable Fitness devices sub-consciously help us stay more aware about our unhealthy habits. This is because we’re constantly tracking our calories, steps, sleep etc. This makes for a great gift for your super sibling. Small gym equipment for home like a yoga mat, weights, skipping rope will encourage your sibling to take out time for […]

This place is a giver!

It’s the year 2018 and everyone is hustling to make it big. In big cities and tourist cities, tourists would often get fleeced and sometimes, even locals! In times like this, this place stands out as it is offering a Professional Tea Tasting experience for free, no strings attached since over 2 decades! Do you […]

Chamomile Tea – 7 Super Facts

  Chamomile Tea is made using dehydrated chamomile flowers, steeped in hot water for 4-5 minutes. It is is a caffeine free beverage, which technically falls under herbal tisanes or infusions. The most commonly known health benefit of Chamomile tea is aiding better sleep. It has mild sedative, muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory properties. It can […]

What is First Flush?

This first harvest usually takes place from February till April at the time of spring. Tea leaves of this season do not need oxidation at the time of processing. After drying, they are made ready for marketing. These leaves are small in size and are of greenish color. They produce light delicate liquor with floral […]

How to correctly brew tea

Eight out of every ten people are brewing their tea wrong! Our mission is transcend the quality of your much awaited tea breaks. Next time you’re making time for tea, make it count, and see yourself bounce back to life! Water. Start with cold, fresh, filtered water, make sure the kettle is not rusty. Water should be […]

Gourmet Herbal Teas for Winters

A cosy blanket, sitting by the fireplace, staying a little longer in the quilt, the autumnal colour of the trees and a nice warm cup of your favourite tea – these are undoubtedly some of the best parts about Winters. Our recommendations to make your winters even more special: Hibiscus and Honey Energising in the winters, very […]

Herbal Tea for Dogs

Humans have used herbs and spices to add flavour to their food and to treat ailments for thousands of years. So, it should not be surprising that there are many herbs and spices that are good for dogs. Holistic medicine for dogs includes the use of herbs and spices to treat wounds, ameliorate and remedy […]

Best Tea in Gurgaon | Cafe cum Tea House

Stacked to the shelves, complex sweet aroma, tiny but big enough – some of the traits of our quaint little shop in Sunder Nagar can now be seen on Golf Course Road. Best of Darjeeling, Masala Tea Mango Tea, Sencha, Chinese Jasmine Tea, Oolong, Ice teas and many more! Moreover, it has a cafe right […]

White Tea – An Amazingly Refreshing, Healthy drink

White tea is the queen of teas. The least processed and rarest of all teas. It contains a high amount of anti-oxidants and least quantity of caffeine.Due to its amazing taste, a wide variety of flavours and numerous health benefits, it is slowly becoming a hot favourite.It is made from young tea buds that are picked […]