First Flush vs. Second Flush Tea: What Sets Them Apart?

by Nikita Mittal on Nov 27, 2023

Darjeeling Tea

Dive into the world of First Flush and Second Flush teas, where each harvest brings its unique story. This blog highlights the subtle yet significant differences between these two esteemed tea flushes. It reveals how their distinct harvesting seasons uniquely influence their flavour profiles and aromas, shaping the tea experience.

The Essence of First Flush Teas
First Flush teas, often called the 'Champagne of Teas', are the first pickings of the tea planters’ harvest season. The unique climatic conditions of the Himalayan foothills, combined with the fresh vitality of the new leaves, contribute to the distinct character of First Flush teas.

You can order tea online to enjoy these delicately flavoured, floral-scented teas harvested in late March to April.

The Richness of Second Flush Teas
In contrast, Second Flush teas are harvested later in the season, around May to June. These teas are known for their fuller, more robust flavour profile.

Second Flush teas, especially from regions like Assam and Darjeeling, are available for those who wish to order Darjeeling tea online. They are distinguished by their rich, musky sweetness and a deeper, amber hue upon brewing. Moreover, they exhibit a pronounced fruity note, similar to a 'muscatel' flavour, especially notable in Darjeeling varieties.

Choosing Between First and Second Flush
The choice between First and Second Flush teas depends mainly on personal preference. First Flush teas are ideal for those who appreciate subtlety and a lighter, more aromatic brew. They are perfect for quiet mornings or as an elegant afternoon tea.

On the other hand, Second Flush teas, with their bolder and more assertive flavours, are well-suited for tea lovers who enjoy a more robust cup. You can order tea online to discover these ideal tea blends, offering a delightful companion during the late afternoon or evening.

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