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Romancing Tea – A book on innovative tea blends.

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Romancing tea is an expression of our love for tea and appreciation for it?s quietness, gentility and?it?s tranquil nature which draws no attention to itself. It can be sipped in reclusive solitude yet be?shared to create friendships. A brew of tempered tranquillity in one moment and exhilaration in?another. The pages of Romancing Tea are a combination of knowledge, written skills and?illustrations which converge to bring enjoyment long after the cup is empty!

The book, like tea itself offers delayed gratification- it is not about the pursuit of palate pleasures but?making friends with tea which in turn makes us feel better and illumined.

Tea offers vegetative companionship with botanicals- herbs, flowers, nuts and spices and spurns?processed ingredients. Even sugar is an occasional acquaintance!

Simple words and expressions are used for creating brews which are diverse and different. The?book, like the authors is steeped in tea!