Japanese Matcha

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With its signature taste and vibrant green color, Matcha (Japanese: powdered tea) has really taken the culinary world by storm. Its origin can be traced back to Japan’s rich tea traditions and was popularized by Zen Buddhist monks, who consumed it for its medicinal properties. Today, matcha can be found in everything, from creams to cakes.

Matcha is a ‘superfood’, chock full of antioxidants and components that protect you. Weight loss is one of the most well-known additional benefits of matcha.
Considered a specialty green tea, matcha is grown in the shade, harvested by hand, and processed into a fine powder. It is this iconic green powder that is then brewed and consumed.

Besides its aesthetic green color, matcha also has a complex and layered taste, which can vary from savory, to sweet and nutty, to even floral and characteristically bitter. Preparation influences taste quite a lot when it comes to matcha.
But no matter how you brew yours, a cup of matcha first thing in the morning can zest up your day in a jiffy, leaving you rejuvenated and ready.

Brewing Method:

  • Sift the powdered matcha into a ceramic bowl
  • Heat your water to just under a boil
  • Pour the water gently onto your matcha
  • Stir the mixture well in a zigzag motion, till it’s frothy
  • Portion and pour into cups and serve

Shelf Life: 2 years
Storage Instruction: Store in an airtight container, away from light and moisture.








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