Why Us





From the mystical land of India, we bring you the finest qualities of tea. Savour these exotic characterful and fragrant teas, give your taste buds a lingering taste, full bodied flavour and a seductive aroma. Lose yourself in its charm, be a part of a truly impeccable experience.


1. Tea Garden Aggregator

There are roughly 83 gardens in Darjeeling alone, which is the smallest tea producing region of India. It can be quite daunting to arrange samples and taste teas from even 20 of them. Other regions like Assam, Sikkim, Nilgiri and Kangra which produce excellent teas as well are even bigger. An aggregator will help you save time and money. We are one of the reliable tea garden aggregator. We are also vendors to leading hotels and cafes in India, and quality-oriented brands all over the world.


2. In-house Tea Tasters

  • Our USP is to select the best of the teas that are aptly priced from hundreds of samples. This takes years of practice and discipline and this is considered the most important factor for a successful end product.
  • We bid for teas either at the auctions and sometimes we buy it directly from the tea gardens only if the product and price match our criteria. We act as a “tea garden aggregator”.

3. Vendors & Educators to Leading HoReCa Brands

  • Hotels, Restaurants & Cafes: We have designed some of the most prestigious tea menus in the past 30 years. The blends are made keeping in mind the theme, requirement, food menu and the clientele. We provide complete training  to the F&B staff as a value add on.
  • Tea Brands outside India or Tea Importers: We have clients in all the continents. Our 60 years of experience has enabled us to pick teas that would be ist suitable as per the geography and demography.

4. Certified 

It is important to note that we do not grow any tea and hence we try to refrain from certificates that pertain to tea manufacturers. We are exporting tea since over 30 years and we have all the required certificates.

  • Tea Board of India – Buyer of Tea
  • IEC
  • GST
  • Tea Board of India – Darjeeling, Assam & Nilgiri logo usage
  • Tea Board of India – Exporter License