Green Tea Variants (Jasmine, Kahwa, Peach & 6 others)

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Green Tea Variants (Jasmine, Kahwa, Peach & 6 others) - Mittal Teas
Green Tea Variants (Jasmine, Kahwa, Peach & 6 others) - Mittal Teas
Green Tea Variants (Jasmine, Kahwa, Peach & 6 others) - Mittal Teas
Green Tea Variants (Jasmine, Kahwa, Peach & 6 others) - Mittal Teas
Green Tea Variants (Jasmine, Kahwa, Peach & 6 others) - Mittal Teas
Green Tea Variants (Jasmine, Kahwa, Peach & 6 others) - Mittal Teas
Green Tea Variants (Jasmine, Kahwa, Peach & 6 others) - Mittal Teas
Green Tea Variants (Jasmine, Kahwa, Peach & 6 others) - Mittal Teas
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Authentic Indian Flavors:
Mittal Teas offers the true taste of India in every sip, with authentic blends and pure ingredients.
Curated by professional tea tasters:
Our teas are carefully curated by skilled & experienced tea tasters, ensuring a premium and unique tea experience.
Purity and Freshness:
We source the freshest tea leaves, herbs and spices, providing a pure and invigorating tea experience.
Convenience in Every Sip:
Mittal Teas offers tea solutions that are both convenient and rich in flavor, perfect for any tea lover.
Cultural Heritage:
Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of India with our tea blends that capture the essence of the region.

Certified & Authentic Teas

Discover authentic teas, soothing chamomile to invigorating green tea. Each leaf tells a story of tradition and quality from renowned gardens.

100 % fresh and non bitter teas

Indulge in non-bitter, aromatic teas from finest estates. Embrace natural sweetness, elevate your tea experience. Pure, unparalleled freshness awaits.

Made in India

Experience India's rich tea heritage. Darjeeling's misty hills to Assam's vibrant fields, each sip a tradition. Discover India's essence in every cup.

COD & Free Delivery

COD convenience + free delivery on tea orders. Seamless, delightful tea experience from order to sip. Enjoy finest teas worry-free

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Swift, dedicated customer support for smooth tea experience. Questions, orders, recommendations – we're here. Your satisfaction, our commitment.

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Green Tea Variants (Jasmine, Kahwa, Peach & 6 others)

Pradip singh

Green Tea Variants (Jasmine, Kahwa, Peach & 6 others)

Anushka Gomes

Green Tea Variants (Jasmine, Kahwa, Peach & 6 others)


Green Tea Variants (Jasmine, Kahwa, Peach & 6 others)

Rich, flavourful

I am enjoying the jasmine tea...i find even a quarter teaspoonful of leaf steeped for 3 minutes makes a nice relaxing brew...

Product description
 Chamomile Green Tea The goodness of Green tea with calming properties of Chamomile or Camomile. This blend is good for soothing the nerves, headaches, toothaches, menstrual cramps, mild skin issues,  stress, and anxiety.
Rose Lavender  Green Tea
Green tea blended with dried rose petals and lavender buds. This blend is aromatic, floral, stress-relieving, good for hair and skin, and therapeutic.
Jasmine  Green Tea Green tea with Jasmine essence and flowers. This blend is heavenly for aromatherapy enthusiasts. Apart from the many health benefits, this tea is one of our bestsellers.
Kashmiri Kahwa  Green Tea A Kashmiri recipe, this blend has Green tea, Green Cardamom Pods, and Cinnamon bark. Exquisite and royal. Aside from many health benefits, this tea is perfect to create a Christmas vibe anytime anywhere. Garnish it with almonds and saffron to transcend the experience. 
Organic (Plain)  Green Tea Darjeeling Green Tea grown at 1500m, this tea is non-bitter, slightly fruity, and well rounded. 
Weight Watcher  Green Tea A blend of Puerh, Flaxseed, Oolong, Cinnamon, Fennel, Moringa. This blend mainly works on improving the digestive tract and metabolism which in turn helps fight weight gain. It is also good for overall well-being.
Healthy Heart Green Tea  A blend of Green tea, Cinnamon, Arjuna Bark, and Hibiscus.
Apple Cinnamon  Green Tea A mellow green tea supplemented by spicy fragrance and a hint of fruit. Abundance of good health and great taste.
Mint  Green Tea Refreshing and healthy. This blend of Green tea and fresh mint from Himachal Pradesh is great for summers and cooling your body from inside. Mint is also good for digestion and oral health.
Tulsi  Green Tea A blend of Green tea and tulsi, this blend has numerous health benefits. In India, tulsi or Holy Basil is worshipped in many households. It has an earthy and smooth flavor. 
Hibiscus Mint Green Tea Tangy, tasteful, and refreshing. The wine-like color is picturesque, the aroma is fresh, and the experience will remind you of a tropical holiday. Recommended ice cold.
Jasmine Ginger  Green Tea A unique combination of calming Jasmine and zesty dried Ginger rhizome. This blend is soothing yet energizing, and simply delectable.
Peach Chamomile  Green Tea The aroma will remind you of fresh Peaches, the taste is a balance of high-grown green tea and Chamomile flowers. Pleasant on the palate and soothing for the nerves.


    • Brew Time: 3 min
    • Shelf Life: 2 Years
    • Storage Instruction: Store in an airtight container, away from light and moisture.
    • For tin of gift packing, please see the gifts section.

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