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Pure Lavender.

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Lavender Tea - An Aromatic Infusion with Innumerable Health Benefits

Soak into the soothing and sweet flavor of lavender and relax your senses

Ingredients: Pure dried lavender flowers

Health benefits: Lavender is known for its soothing aroma and exotic sense. Over the years lavender tea has become more popular drink because of its great health benefits. Many tea connoisseurs buy lavender tea online because of its many health beneficial properties.

    • Tea is packed with essential oils; that can have significant effect on the body. 

    • The tea helps in reducing anxiety and stress levels

    • The essential oils found in the lavender tea have digestive qualities that do away with inflammation, regulate smooth muscle function and promote good digestion.

    • The tea is loaded with antioxidants and volatile compounds that promote healthy skin. Regular consumption of the tea leaves the skin look and feel young.

    • The tea has the ability to calm and. Relaxing effects of the lavender tea helps to improve sleep.


Caffine: Zero


Taste notes: Sweet and exotic soothing. It has aromatic fragrance. The taste is more flowery one with a tinge of earthy undertone.


Perfect time to sip the tea: Best to drink at night as it soothes the nerves and aids in good sleep.  However one can drink tea in early morning to get relax and good boost.


Serving suggestions: Goes well with pears, strawberries, honey accompanied with light snacks.


Brewing instructions:  The best way to enjoy the earl grey tea is by brewing it at perfect temperature. Boil the water and pour it in the dried lavender flowers. Let it steep in it for some time and then enjoy the refreshing citrus flavored tea.


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