This place is a giver!

It’s the year 2018 and everyone is hustling to make it big. In big cities and tourist cities, tourists would often get fleeced and sometimes, even locals! In times like this, this place stands out as it is offering a Professional Tea Tasting experience for free, no strings attached since over 2 decades!

Do you like tea? Did you know that India is 2nd largest producer of teas? Would you like to take tea as a souvenir for your friends back home? If you said YES to any of the above, then Mittal Teas is the place to go. A quaint little shop in Sunder Nagar Market, almost as small as Harry Potter’s room under the staircase, this place is big on tea! The best part – you can try as many teas as you like and get to learn all about them for absolutely free! Mittal Teas is more than half a century old and their teas have been to Hollywood parties, Mr.Obama’s delegation, most of the luxury hotels in India and even some of the royal families. The staff is super friendly and the store is always full of expats from all over the world.

They have 2 more branches: Barakhamba Road and Global Foyer Mall. If you are a group of more than 5, the it’s better to opt one these 2 branches which are relatively much more spacious.

From premium Darjeeling teas to exotic floral tea blends, they have it all. Some other products worth mentioning: Assam Black Gold, Jasmine Green Tea, Apple Cinnamon Green Tea, Darjeeling Royal Muscatel, Mango Tea and Hand Rolled Green Tea.


Best Tea in Gurgaon | Cafe cum Tea House

Stacked to the shelves, complex sweet aroma, tiny but big enough – some of the traits of our quaint little shop in Sunder Nagar can now be seen on Golf Course Road. Best of Darjeeling, Masala Tea Mango Tea, Sencha, Chinese Jasmine Tea, Oolong, Ice teas and many more!

Moreover, it has a cafe right next to it where we serve the best of our teas and Waffles!

Global Foyer Mall, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon – Our newest little addition is very close to our heart just like you all.

Here’ why you should drop by:

  • Free wifi in the cafe – coming soon!
  • Mittal’s Tea packets – perfect for gifting
  • If you moved to Gurgaon and miss us sometimes

We are looking forward to see you there!

White Tea – An Amazingly Refreshing, Healthy drink

White tea is the queen of teas. The least processed and rarest of all teas. It contains a high amount of anti-oxidants and least quantity of caffeine.Due to its amazing taste, a wide variety of flavours and numerous health benefits, it is slowly becoming a hot favourite.It is made from young tea buds that are picked and dried in the sun without being fired or rolled.

Some of the popular varieties of white tea are listed below:-

Mint White Tea –Mint is the flavour of the season. It consists of select White Peony tea and peppermint leaves. This tea with superlicious taste, prepared by evenly mixing fresh cut mint leaves is a must try. It has a calming effect on the muscles and stomach. Also, these are natural and effective decongestant that can aid in treating a sore throat. Thus, making it a remarkably healthy option.

Silver  Needle White tea – Another variant of white tea is the finest one made up of silvery white buds. It is a  truly delightful drink. It offers a delicate, light, and slightly sweet flavour that sets your mood for the day.Silver Needle white tea can only be harvested in early spring before the tea buds have turned into leaves.

Jasmine White tea – One of the most fragrant teas made of high-quality white tea leaves. It is blended several times with freshly picked jasmine blossoms. The remarkable and pure fragrance in is purely from natural jasmine blossom. Jasmine tea is powerful antimicrobial and bacteria fighter, kills E. coli and other harmful agents in the digestive tract, prohibits dental cavities.

Cinnamon and Cardamom  White tea– This truly revitalizing white tea is another magical flavour. For the spice lovers, the smooth, pleasant tea base mixed with a number of spices offers a perfect taste. The well-balanced flavour composition is a treat to the soul.

Chamomile tea– It is derived from chamomile flower,  golden in color and has an appetizing, fruity flavour. This delightful herbal remedy simplifies various health-related concerns such as intestinal and stomach disorders, anxiety, insomnia, mouth ulcers etc.

Ginger Lemongrass tea– Ginger with the flavour of lemongrass is a hit in this chilling season.This is soothing and has a yummy citrus flavour. Ginger and lemongrass tea have the potential to lower risk of chronic diseases, including cancer, helps in weight loss and reduces inflammation.Thus, an excellent beverage choice this winter to remain healthy.