The best Masala Tea in India

Have you had the best Masala Tea in India? Or from India? Let’s decode this.

Why are most of the mass consumer brands failing to render a good cup that makes you feel relaxed and energized at the same time? The answer is extremely simple – they don’t have Masala!

Recently I picked up a pack of Cardamom Chai by an extremely famous brand. It had the regular CTC (small granular leaves) and some green flakes. I assumed it was cardamom so to taste the quality of the cardamom, I picked a green flake and started chewing. I was shocked to discover that it was not cardamom. It was a greenish tea leaf (known as brokens in the tea industry). I have to say that its extremely disappointing to see the common man work so hard and pay a little extra for a pack a cardamom tea that is such a sham!

Whenever you are purchasing a Masala Tea, make sure you buy a small pack first, check out the leaves for yourself. It should look somewhat like this image below. This tea has green cardamom, rose, fennel, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper and secret proportion that balances the tea in such a way that all the ingredients are equally prominent.

The feedback for this type of tea will always be excellent. Not only in terms of taste, it will actually make you feel good right after you have the tea as well as in the long run due to the real herbs and spices. We at Mittal Teas get high quality herbs from Himachal and spices from Kerala. The CTC is from Assam. We are not just trying to endorse our brand here, rather, we would encourage every chai lover to avoid the fake Masala Tea and go for any authentic one instead. Needless to point out, a good quality tea can make or break your day. Are you choosing quality over quantity for the things that matter?


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