If the characters from Friends went Tea shopping

によって Nikita Mittal オン Nov 16, 2021

If the characters from Friends went Tea shopping

One of the biggest TV series ever - Friends is close to the hearts of millions of people. Many people consider it therapeutic and comforting and the credit goes to it's supremely well written script and lovable characters. So it got me thinking. 

What if they went to a tea house to pick up some teas!


1. Ross

Often struggling with his many many divorces and obstacles in love life, Ross would definitely pick up something that is good for stress, anxiety and uplifts the mood. Something with chamomile perhaps.


2. Rachel

Worried about her chubby ankles, we all know Rachel is conscious about her weight sometimes. She would straight away go for a White Tea as it is 3x as healthy as green tea. She would also advise Monica to add 1 teabag of it in her water bottle to sip it all day long. 



3. Monica

Monica is looking for something she can have as tea and also use for creating new recipes. What better than all the herbs!



4. Chandler

Obsessed with cracking jokes, Chandler would be only looking for the funniest sounding tea. So our guess is he would pick up a first or second flush from Darjeeling. Or even a Puerh?


5. Joey

Habitual to over-eating and not sharing food, especially Pizzas, Joey would need a digestive tea that he can have after every meal. Something like Jasmine Ginger or Mint White Tea perhaps.


6. Phoebe

Phoebe lived on the streets but now is used to normal life. This has decreased her immunity somehow. She is looking for an immunity booster like Turmeric Elixir. Since she also enjoys singing occasionally, something for throat like Masala Chai would be nice too!